My Attitude of Gratitude

 Today, I say thank you to you – yes YOU – for supporting me and being an amazing fan of my art. 

2014 hasn’t been an easy year for me and, to be honest, there were enough big wham-o life changing things that happened to me which made me walk around and say “I can’t wait for 2014 to be over”.

Then I talked with a wonderful friend of mine who said “Wait a minute, I know it’s been a lot but what about…..” and then she proceeded to list all sorts of positives that happened to me this year. I hired a personal trainer, I beat my yearly reading goal (30 books and counting), I moved closer to my parents and the beach, my photography has grown by leaps and bounds…..and her list went on and on. She made me cry because not only was she right but she also had paid attention enough to remember my positives FOR me. After that, I realized it was time to step off my pity party of one (want some cheese with that whine?) and remember the positives still happening in my life.


So today, I say thank you for being in my life, providing me with amazing support, love, positive feedback on my art, and all around fantabulousness. You are friggin’ terrific and today I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving (and for those not in the U.S., let’s call this Gratitude Day) full of people you love, comfort, and naps……lots of food coma naps.

And may you also have wonderful people in your life to help remind you, when the negatives get you down, of how many positives there really are in your amazing wonder-filled existence on this blue marble called Earth.

Enjoy your day,


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