Experimenting With Flowers

I bought a 50mm f2.8 lens a few months ago but only used it once and then set it back into my bag to collect dust. I wanted to try it out but couldn’t think of a place to go and decided instead to create an opportunity to use it. I was in the grocery store and saw these brightly colored flowers and snagged them up immediately with an idea brewing in my mind. I decided that with the flowers, some scrapbooking paper, my reflector, and natural light I could easily create a mini “studio” in which to take photos. I picked the best & most colorful of the flowers and had some fun. I boosted the colors and the details in the editing process and just wanted to make the photos super fun to look at. The background blur (bokeh) is all the lens. I didn’t do that in editing – which was the reason I wanted the lens. It is beautiful for portraits as well.

Lessons learned:

1. Pick the best time of day with the least amount of weird shadowing

2. Buy flower foam (I was sticking the flowers into small glasses and using paper towels stuffed inside to “hold them” in place)

3. Wear gloves while touching the flowers – these were painted a bit and the dye ended up all over me

4. Keep an eye on the pug wandering around beneath so he doesn’t eat the leaves and bits that fall down. He couldn’t hide it because the dyed leaves turned his lips blue.

I hope you like my experiment! I enjoyed it a lot and definitely will create more opportunities like this so I can do easy mini-shoots at the house.

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