Canopy Sunset

Canopy Sunset

There’s a story behind how I took this photo (aren’t there always?). Some days, I drive around aimlessly in order to scout nice locations to take a photo. In this particular instance, I was driving home from dinner, decided to take the road along the river, and couldn’t believe my eyes and how the sun was setting over the river. I knew I needed to find a dock or something to include in the image and started panicking because I was losing light. I saw this dock and, without thinking, pulled over to take some photos. As I was standing there, a gentleman walked across his lawn, across the road, and over to this lip of grass between the road and river. I was certain he was going to tell me this was private property and I needed to leave but he surprised me instead by saying “I sometimes take this view for granted but when I see people stop to take pictures, like you are, I am reminded how lucky I am to live here”. I apologized and said I was sorry for being on his property but he said he didn’t mind and to enjoy myself. He left quietly after telling me to take as long as I needed.

By the way, I now make a mental note to double-check whose land I am just pulling over onto in order to take photos. Just a mental awareness lesson. Plus, next time I might not be so lucky.

By the way, this is the exact same image edited in two very different ways. For the photo on the right, I did the basic editing (contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpening) & VOILA there was the image. I really liked it and kept it open so I could continue to look at it but kept thinking to myself “There’s more I can do with this”. I decided to go back and and have a lot more fun with it. I played and played and played around with the colors until this intensely red and orange creation started to appear. I know that the red and orange may not be for everyone, it is definitely intense, but I felt it had such a graphic appeal to it. I like them both a lot. I learned a lesson – sometimes a photo may look “done” but there’s still plenty of room to play.

I also have to remember to not go overboard but that lesson is for another day………

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