Dreaming Of London

London, England – Millenium Bridge

I know that technically I am supposed to love all my photos equally, like parents do with children (ha!) and not have favorites, but I have to be honest, I have favorites all the time. There are some images where I look at them and I cannot believe I took that photo. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be everyone else’s favorite image because art does strike everyone so very differently but I couldn’t wait to share this image. It is definitely my latest favorite.

When I first looked at it, all I saw was the sun flare and didn’t even attempt to edit it with the mindset it was a lost cause. I didn’t delete it (I never ever delete my images although I know I should do some house cleaning, urgh) so recently I went scrolling back through my files and came upon this one again. I very clearly remember taking this photo. It wasn’t super cold, the wind was kicking up a bit, and everyone was rushing on with their lives while my husband and I were strolling the area near St. Paul’s Cathedral being tourists. We were walking up to the Millennium Bridge to take a look at the Thames river and the Tate Modern museum across the river. The sun was finally peeking out from a cloudy day and I happened to be standing at the edge of the bridge when it did. The light caught the girl’s hair and all I saw was a halo around her while I had my camera up to my eye. I prayed my settings were good and went for it, taking 5 photos back to back.

Now, I know not everyone will love this or find it equally as enthralling, but for some reason this image makes me stop and really look at it. I see new details each time. I love when art does that.

It is also in one of my favorite places ever: London. I can’t ever get enough of that city and cannot wait to go back. I dream of London often – rain and all.

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