Good Morning, Mr. Frog

It’s morning and I am tired. Normal, right? As I shuffle….shuffle….shuffle to get my coffee in the O’Dark 30 AM, something catches my eye as being out of place. I look to my left and here is this frog just…………hanging around (I couldn’t resist). I just LOVED how he had his legs and arms all stretched out like he was the frog version of Spiderman. Lately, the frogs have grown in number on our front porch. There is usually at least one but I think the weather has helped encourage more to hang out on the glass around our door. Maybe they went on and said that we were a frog-safety zone. Who knows.

Of course I grabbed my camera and he was kind enough to pose (I even thanked him). I can only imagine what my neighbors must have thought if they saw me in my pajamas photographing INTO our house. I also shared the image on the right (the iPhone version) on my Instagram/Facebook but as I was going through my photos I realized I had also taken a picture of him hanging on the glass by our front door while I was inside the house. I thought the dichotomy was perfect-o.

I haven’t really seen many frogs these past few days but they always return. I don’t mind. As long as it’s not snakes.


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