Storm Clouds Overtake the Beach

Florida is known for its sunshine but it is also known for being the #1 most dangerous US state for lightning death. As a result, we Floridians don’t play around when the storms hit. During the summer, they come like clockwork between 3PM-5PM (right when you’re getting out of work), blazing a trail through and then disappearing. On my way home from work, I could see this insanely dark cloud coming and I was racing to get past it and pick up my husband. I ran into the house he was at like a crazy lady and asked him if he was ready to go. The storm was not visible through the front windows of the house, so he didn’t quite understand my urgency but when we walked outside – THEN he understood.

As we debated what to grab-n-go for dinner (didn’t want to get rained on), I asked if we could make a quick stop to the beach so I could photograph the clouds. I had been dying to take the photos on my drive but didn’t want to delay picking hubby up. He didn’t mind & so we pulled over to the nearest beach access and got out to look. There was one car there and another pulled up while I was taking photos. Everyone was fascinated. All I had was my iPhone but it was still great to capture it.

As I stood there, it only got darker and darker. I played this up in my editing and really emphasized the blue of the storm and its shadows. I think it really captured it. After this, the storm proceeded to dump inches of rain superfast, which is never good, so there was some flooding in some areas. After an hour or so, it was gone. All was calm again. Just like normal (Florida style).

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