Sea Oat at Sunset – Venice Beach, Florida

Confession: I’ve been super terribly horribly bad about posting on my blog lately.

I just can’t get a schedule going that keeps everything consistent but I am definitely working on it. In the meanwhile, to appease the masses I wanted to share this picture I took while in Venice Beach, Florida two weekends ago. It was my first time being on a Florida beach and getting to watch the sun set over the ocean. I live on the East Coast, which means getting up at O-Dark-30 to get a Sunrise view. There will be more of these pictures soon, I promise! It was pointed out to me recently that for living on the beach, I definitely don’t have enough beach pictures. Challenge Accepted!

BTW – I finally figured out why my images seem so blurry on my blog lately. Apparently, the theme I use changed the photo size parameters and I was posting photos too large. Now the photos look more like I see them when I am editing!

When you go to the beach, when is your favorite time to visit? Morning? Bright & sunny daytime? Storms? Evening? I personally prefer the later in the day into sunset portion since I burn so easily. I also know the cardinal rule – don’t swim in the ocean around sunset. That’s feeding time (YIKES!).

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