Under the Sun Lit Trees – Pam’s Head Shots

When Pam asked me to take her pictures, it was during a corporate event & knew we would be tight on time. It was an INSANELY hot day and though there were plenty of places inside the hotel to take pictures, I really wanted something outside on the beautiful grounds surrounding the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. My worry was everywhere we went, Pam’s makeup would just melt off & who likes pictures of themselves looking all hot and sweaty? Yeah, no one does. So, at first we found a naturally lit column with minimal distraction to take our photographs but I knew deep down this didn’t quite have the punch we needed. Still, Pam looked radiant, right?

During my earlier exploring, I found this perfect set of trees & asked Pam if she was game. When she said “Yes!” we were off & wedged a trash can in our “exit” door, so we could get back in. Normally, the advice out there is to not photograph under trees because you get a “dappling effect” on the skin which is terribly hard to edit but the shadowing was solid enough that we could get some good shots. MUCH BETTER!

Of course I had to get a picture of the lovely mother daughter combo – Miss Ashley & Pam. Ashley is an excellent makeup artist and you should check out her wonderful Facebook page – Beauti by Ashley.

Pam is a very busy lady and in addition to running her own BeautiControl business, she is also a motivational speaker with the Life Purpose Group with the goal of “Bringing Your Purpose to Life”. Her energy knows no bounds and she was such a trooper that day!

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