All Tuckered Out From Swimming

Otis stayed with my parents last weekend and had many adventures while he was there. My parents have a pool and with his being blind, it made me nervous he was going to fall in. He doesn’t float well and just sinks like a stone. So, to alleviate my fears, my parents went out and bought Otis his very own yellow swim vest. Apparently the first one was too tiny and they had to go back for another. This one doesn’t zip up all the way because Otis doesn’t really have a neck (it’s all one straight line from his head to his shoulders), so as my cousin pointed out on Facebook, his yellowness and semi-zipped look makes him appear like a banana.

A swimming, floating banana – that barks.


Action shots taken by my Mom

He loved being able to swim and the vest helped keep him cool. What’s awesome is when he’s done and doesn’t feel like swimming anymore, he just barks to notify anyone in the pool he’s done. After that, just grab his handles and up and out he goes! Easy peezie.

Swimming is a lot more activity than he usually gets, so he was completely ZONKED when I came to pick him up and for the rest of the night. Whattabum.


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