Beautiful Mystery Flowers

Sometimes I fly through the day taking pictures and I forget what I’ve seen. I remember the big things and I rush to edit those pictures but as I scroll I will see something and say “Oh yeah, I remember that now” or “Good – I did remember to get a picture of that” but my favorite is when I see a picture and I cannot remember taking it and I am so happy that I did! This picture is an excellent example of that. I was so excited when I saw it. I don’t take many pictures of flowers (no reason, really) so this just made me so happy to see (anyone know what kind they are?).

Seeing these flowers makes me so excited it’s almost the weekend. If you could go anywhere RIGHT NOW & it would be completely paid for, where would you go?

Me? I’d go to Ireland. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and miss it so much from when I studied there. Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures from there – so that would be another reason to go!!


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