Occupy Cocoa Village & Cindy’s Headshots

Cindy contacted me recently asking if I would be interested in doing some head shots that she could use for her website & life coaching company, Inner Revolution. She hadn’t done a photo session like this before, so the best thing for us to do was to sit down and talk to make sure we were both on the same page. I also recommended she go through magazines, collect images she liked, and then explain to me what it was she liked about them. I followed up with a guide of flattering poses as well as clothing suggestions, to help both of us make the best & most flattering pictures.


Cindy has a very bright and thoughtful personality, so I wanted to make sure I captured her expressive eyes and wonderful smile. I also wanted a background that wouldn’t overwhelm Cindy but would still be pleasing to the eye. We both agreed to meet in Cocoa Village and I would scout out the best spots for the session.

Luckily, I showed up an hour early on the day of the shoot because I was greeted by this scene:


AAAAaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!!! Tents, people everywhere, music blasting – At first I thought there was an “Occupy Cocoa Village” craziness happening but it was a Relay for Life event (Duh!) that wasn’t on the website event calendar (Lesson learned – Don’t trust the online event calendar). Plus, there were Prom couples & families everywhere taking pictures before their big night. I hopped back into my car and drove around to find a new place to take pictures. Nothing worked on the west side of the river so I drove east, which would place the sun and water behind Cindy. This can be good (water behind someone is pretty to look at and the sun isn’t blinding her) and difficult (sun/water behind a person will darken them, cause unflattering shadows, & the sun can blow out the details in the background).


I happened upon a dentist office right along the river that had lovely foliage, river views, and was very private. Jackpot! Cindy was flexible about the change and across the river we went. Now, back to the difficulty of having the sun behind her, I was even more lucky she brought her husband with her and he was more than willing to be my assistant and hold my 5-in-1 reflectors, which give a flattering lighting to the skin and reduce the unflattering shadows. Score! It took a little time but he and I got a rhythm (& a technique to not blind her with the reflector).


I feel these photos came out nicely and gave her some choices she could use for her website & possibly any print media, etc in the future. It was an excellent experience and I am so happy Cindy was willing to trust me with her images.


Plus, I’m happy to know my imagination is still more active than ever since I jumped to the conclusion there was an Occupy Cocoa Village going on before any other logical reason.

Be sure to check out Cindy’s website as well: Inner Revolution

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