NASA Shuttle Discovery Prepped For Ferry Ride to DC

Shuttle Discovery mated for ferry to DC

Last week, the Shuttle Discovery was flown from Kennedy Space Center, Florida to Washington DC where it will now live in its forever home, The Smithsonian Museum. I was very lucky in that I was given the chance to see the shuttle when it was prepped for its ferry ride from Capa Canaveral, Florida to DC aboard the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, NASA 905, a modified 747. It was awe inspiring, and bittersweet, to see this glorious shuttle prepped to be sent to a new home, far away from where I had grown up watching its launches & landings at Kennedy Space Center. We were also lucky in that we got to take pictures with the astronauts who flew on Discovery’s last mission – STS-133.

This video shows the process of how Discovery was “mated” and “de-mated” to the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. It’s an interesting process to see.

This article from Yahoo! has some great facts about Discovery. Read on & you’ll probably learn some new things about the shuttle. I did!

Have you ever seen a launch? What are some of your favorite things about NASA and/or the idea of exploring space? I’d love to know (& please be nice – no negative comments, please).

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