It’s Springtime in……November?

This is the perfect reason why I love living in Florida (yeah, yeah, I can hear the northerners groaning now). It’s April, so a lot of people have SPRING on the brain and therefore it’s talk of blooming flowers, beautiful weather, etc.

So, I thought this picture would be wonderfully appropriate……except……it was taken in November. Yup. Winter in Florida looks like this.

I hope I’m not rubbing it in too much.

BTW – This was taken at Walt Disney World in Epcot (The American Adventure Pavilion) during their Food & Wine Festival. It’s an awesome event but it can get very crowded and very hot. We were lucky that the weather gods were kind and made it a fairly cool day, so it helped in enduring the crowds. I was a little disappointed this year with their food selection because they greatly decreased their vegetarian options.

So, I suffered in silence and filled my pie hole with more alcohol. That’s the saint that I am. Sacrificing left and right, I tell ya.

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