Magical Light On The Water

There’s something magical about this picture. I just keep coming back to it. I’ve shared this photo before but it was tucked away amongst a big batch of other photos I took while a guest at a friend’s wedding, so some of you may recognize this. I felt it deserved it’s own posting.

We were in Great Diamond Island, Maine and had just finished attending the Rehearsal Dinner. Everyone was at the dock waiting for the ferry to come, so I wandered around to take pictures. During the day, this house was just tucked away into the trees and not very noticeable but in the evening, it’s light on the water was great, with the lights of Portland, Maine creating just enough low light in the distance to highlight the trees around the house and the edge of the island.

I’ll be honest, I currently have this photo as the background on my PC and iPad. Just something about it has captured my imagination recently.

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