I’ll Stand In The Middle Of The Road In NYC

Just a warning to everyone – I will be sharing a lot of photos of NYC and London over the next coming weeks/months. I was thinking rather than saving a huge batch of photos at a time, I would just post them as I edit them. This means more posts, more often, but then I am not just sitting on these pictures and can share them right when I am excited and stoked (yes, I use the word stoked – and I use it often).

As some background, at the beginning of December hubby and I went to New York City and, unbeknownst to me, this was a detour on our way to London. When we arrived in NYC, we started planning our next day, to which hubby kept adding more and more things to do – in one day! I was getting nervous at how our relaxing vacation was becoming seriously jam packed (little did I know the next day he would tell me we were flying to London…….more about that later). After planning, we went out to grab some food and hubby noted on our way back to the hotel I should try to grab our street view of the Empire State Building all lit up at night. I couldn’t get a good angle from the safety of the sidewalk, so I ran into the middle of the road, looking both ways of course, and took several quick shots before running back to avoid getting run over.

To the pro’s – I know this is grainy. I know the lights are a bit overblown. I know the framing isn’t dead on and despite my best efforts the buildings still look slightly askew, BUT I really like this. I like the feeling. I like the not perfectness, the rush it conveys.

I also like knowing I had to stand in the middle of a street in NYC, with traffic, to try and capture a memory.

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