Contemporary Resort – Magical Shops of Fantasia

In all my trips to Disney, I have never truly explored the Contemporary Resort.

We’ve eaten breakfast there once many moons ago and I’ve ridden through the resort on the monorail countless times, but this evening we decided to have dinner there. I had no idea how many underground floors there were! There is a whole world hidden inside this resort and it’s on many different lower floors for exploration. It was really cool AND I learned the true entrance to the hotel is actually a floor below this one where all the shops are.Summer is coming and I am just not a fan of being at Disney during the summer and standing in line for an hour (or more!) melting into a puddle of sunblock and Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream.  BUT I was invited on a weekend, all expenses paid, trip to Disney. So, am I going to say no because of the above complaints? No way – time to break out the sunblock and ice cream!The good news is that being a Disney pro means knowing all the insider tips/tricks and also realizing that since we live close enough if we don’t see/do something we can come back next time with our passes.I am super *stoked* about getting more Disney shots. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions of what you’d like to see a picture of at Disney? Doesn’t matter the park – our passes let us go anywhere we please!

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