Sometimes, Words Get In The Way

I keep a running list of places I think would be great for taking pictures. I have every intention of going and even make detailed plans to get there. Sometimes, though, I just decide to veer off the road I am driving on to find a random nook or cranny and see if there’s a photo opportunity waiting to happen.

I was driving home from work and wanted to avoid traffic, so I took a turn onto an off road. I saw the sign for the park, noticed it wasn’t too long from sunset, and decided to swing on through to check it out. I got there pretty early for sunset, so I had extra time to kill.

I was alone with my camera, enjoying the quiet of it all. The water + the breeze + the quiet all added up to a peaceful moment – and then a man came out of the woods, directly to my right and quite unexpectedly, to which my heart decided it wanted to sprint far far away from it’s current location, my chest. He looked just as surprised as me and even said “Woah, I didn’t know anyone was out here”. I informed him he scared me straight outta my Chuck’s and he explained there was a special fishing spot nearby but you had to sneak through a secret pathway to get there. He also let me know there were several other folks there and they would probably be popping through soon – so be prepared. Luckily, none of them surprised me like he did and I managed to snag some great sunset shots.

Now, I will let the pictures speak for themselves because sometimes, words just get in the way.