Crosswalk: A Foray Into Black and White

“As we drew near New York I was at first amused, and then somewhat staggered, by the cautious and grisly tales that went around. You would have thought we were to land upon a cannibal island. You must speak to no one in the streets, as they would not leave ’til you were rooked and beaten. You must enter a hotel lobby with military precautions; for the least you had to apprehend was to awake the next morning without money and baggage, or necessary raiment, a lone forked radish in a bed; and if the worst befell, you would instantly and mysteriously disappear from the ranks of mankind.” – Robert Lewis Stevenson

A foray into black and white, not my usual medium. Despite being taken in 2010, this picture looks like it could be any decade. My eye always goes straight to the guy in the long coat walking across the crosswalk. Too bad there weren’t any random cars from the 40’s or 50’s driving by to really complete the retro tone.