Art Can Be Anywhere You Look

While in NYC, Hubby and I realized we needed a few toiletry items and went down to the local Duane Reade to get them. When we returned to the apartment, the door was locked – as in not even the key in our hand would unlock it. We made several calls to the leasing company to ask for assistance & they said they couldn’t be there for at least an hour, so we decided to walk down to Katz’s Deli and kill some time (and get some good GRUB)!The lesson we learned along the way? Anywhere you go in New York City, art can be made out of the normal, every day, mundane item. For example, this picture is a roll-up door for an empty shop. Who knows how long this art work will last, especially in the city where anything can be here this morning and gone by tonight, so I thought I’d take a picture for posterity of this wonderful piece of art.

And here’s the door in context with it’s surroundings. Absolutely beautiful.