Stuck in Purgatory (aka Atlanta Airport)

At the beginning of December, Hubby and I took a trip to New York City for several days so we could see the Christmas decorations. We were absolutely pumped to get there and try to get as much done as possible, since there wasn’t a lot of time.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas.

The day we flew up to NYC, it was severely raining and there was major wind. Enough to shut down the NY airports as well as Newark, NJ. Once we arrived in Atlanta, there we stayed……And stayed…..And stayed……

What was originally a 55 minute layover turned into close to 7 hours. Hubby had a pass to Delta’s Sky Club, so we meandered over there to kill the time. I didn’t have a pass, so we were expecting to pay $50.00 for me to enter, but for some reason (for which I am STILL grateful) the attendant checking us in waived my fee and we hung out in the Sky Club with free snacks, drinks, and the most important thing – charger units provided for free for our cell phones!

Eventually, we left Atlanta airport and got to NYC. We left home at 7AM and arrived in NYC at 12:30PM. It was a loong loong day, but I did get some nice pictures in Atlanta!