Cocoa Village: A Photo-Journey Around Town

My wonderful husband bought me a five year anniversary gift, a Nikon D3100, and I was just itching to get out and take some pictures. I’ll admit, I was nervous because as I was driving home the sun was fading fast and I have never had a camera that was good at taking shots at night. I shouldn’t have been nervous, because taking pictures with this camera was like upgrading from a Pinto to a Cadillac. Every command, every manual change I made, it listened and didn’t try to “automate” me to death like my past cameras. Here’s the results of my first walkabout with the camera. I wandered “Cocoa Village” in Cocoa, FL, a wonderful neighborhood of restaurants, stores, bars, and even apartments all right along the riverfront.

I would love to hear which ones are your favorites!

2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-17-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-16-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-15-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-14-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-13-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-12-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-11-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-10-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-8-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-9-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-7-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-6-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-5-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-4-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-3-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-2-web 2010-11-14_Cocoa_Village-1-web