Around My Home Town

I was recently issued a challenge by my husband. Prior to his going out of town, he told me while he was gone I needed to go out and just take pictures. He wanted me off of the internet, away from editing “older” stuff, and just out there taking pictures. I honestly thought “What can I take pictures of in my area without being cliche”? I really didn’t know. So, the other day I made sure my camera was charged and I just set out to wherever my car would take me (within a certain radius – of course). I dealt with many different light levels as I started out around 5:30 PM and ended close to the end of sunset. I had a blast doing it and have felt incredibly refreshed since. Plus, it helped me to get more familiar with the current camera I am using, as I am borrowing one from my mom since mine is broken. Well, I hope you enjoy & I would love to hear which ones are your favorites!

BTW – I can already here his “I told you so” in my head. . . . .

(Click on the thumbnails to see bigger & better pics)